The basics of flower arrangements

Firstly, we did some research about the basics of flower arrangements and interacted with the personal experience. After, we created a ppt with

Signalling Principle as different colour with font and bold. It helps draw learners’ attention. The Powerpoint used Contiguity Principle

Multimedia Principle as we put the associated pictures and text together. Then we made a sketch about colour matching because we think a variety of teaching methods can make learners more interested. This is my most satisfying part, I found that it is interesting to editing a video and dubbing a video. I choose to sketch the colour matching part because I was taking notes by the sketch on iPad, then I found that the notes are so colourful and cute, So I think the learner might enjoy it too.

Secondly, we used ppt to create a presentation by Youtube video.

Voice Principle we used our voice in our presentation which can connect with the audiences. We used examples of bouquets on the web to test learners which follow the Worked Example Principle.

Thirdly, we used an H5P video to create 7 questions to interact with the audience that learners can consolidate the knowledge learned and check how far they get. For this blog, we used Constructivism theory. We want to interact with the audience.

Core Multimedia Skills

I have put new thing into Google earth. I used different color for the placemark as signaling principle. I also add some my own images as multimedia principle and Image principle to show my experience.

I marked the route to go Butchart Garden,Mount Washington and Sparking Hill Resoert. Those route was the way I went through.

If possible, I would like to add music into Google earth.

Blog feedback of Kira

I wonder if, in addition to your amazing post, If you could explain a little about the meaning of  signalling principle ,that would be helpful for reader to understand what signalling principle is.

Blog feedback of Manny

After I read “Core Multimedia Skills in Fl Studios A3″ by Manny, the author used re-training principle and voice principle.

The author used professional software to attract my attention. He also used H5P video to make connection with audience.

I wonder if he can make the snares, clap and kick sound more clear. I only heard the narration sound.

Blog feedback of Leland

After I read “Learning more about how our brains work!” by Leland, I am surprised video games can make our brain for learning. Sometimes, I admire people who play games well. They can gives tips on tactics and negotiation strategies I have played league of legends for several years. However, my skills is still there, did not improve a lot.

Back to the Ted talk the author shared, Dr. Bavelier used the gesture to attract audience’s attention. When I took ESL course, the instructor ask us to use some gesture, walk around and eye contact to audiences. If we want to gesture, go ahead and gesture. We need to avoid minor hand movements that will be masked by the lectern.

Leland understands multimedia learning principles Dr. Bavelier has used. The author inserted YouTube video which will make audience to watch it. The author used Voice Principle and Modality Principle in the blog.

I wonder if the author could add some own experience that would be great.

Blog 9 – Active vs Passive Learning using Multimedia Tools

  • This Bad News is created like the Twine we have learned before. This is like H5P media. The Bad news used Signaling Principle ,Redundancy Principle and Multimedia Principle. It used story mode to make audience want to know what happen will be next. I would put some sound into this meedia for improving.

Sketchnoting has used redundancy principle, multimedia principle,and image principle. I have heard when some students make sketchnoting, they would review easily because image would help them to remember the information from the lecture or story.

Sketchnoting would definitely help in our school work or in life. However, you need to have grat drawing skills. If we draw like ghost, we cannot define image that you draw, it would be unuseful.

In EDCI 337, we use active learning, because after we watch the video or read lecture, we need to reflect on the lecture and weite down our own thought, and share to everyone.

Blog 8 – Persuasive Presentations or Death by PowerPoint

I chose “How to speak so that people want to listen” by Julian Treasure because this topic is related to our purpose. This gentleman cuts right through the chase, I usually dislike long introductions to the real subject. This video is teaching us that how to catch audience’s attention.

In his presentation, he has used Dual Coding theory, multimedia principle, and Signaling principle. He used clearly signaling for each word with pictures to introduce the seven deadly sins of speaking.








Also, when he introduced those word, he used bold text to make word to make audience impressive.

For Cognitive Load Theory, we need to use for our life. Meanwhile research suggests that practice really does make perfect in that repeated repetition changes the structure of the brain. For example, when we learn new vocabulary, we need to use it in our life. Otherwise, we will forget it. •Dual Coding theory: For this theory, the memory would help more. A scene will make people to remember. Julian used his experience to tell story that makes people to remember. From my own experience, I have learned a word “significant” with unforgettable memory. This happened when my friend were discussing how to pronounce this word with me. I always remember this word because I would think about the scene I

Blog 7 – The Importance of Storytelling!/stories/75a6a7c5-feea-4b82-a6e6-497e2987bedf/play

For my Twine story, I used Redundancy Principle andPersonalization Principle. As the Redundancy Principle, I have used my own experience to show the story. In 2014, I struggled about study abroad. Since If I study abroad, I need to give up my friends in my home country because they all have their new school and new friends. However, I chose to have better world view, so I chose to coming Canada. At the beginning, I truly to feel lonely, but after that I started to have new friends. As Personalization Principle, I have used kind of multiple choice questions, when audience choose the option, they can see the different story.

Using a Twine story for educational, I would suggest the math course. When students choose the correct answer, they can continue to play for the next level. When students get the answer wrong, they need to restart again.

Core Multimedia Skills

For this video, I tried to combine the screencast video with H5p together. Also, I introduced the video with my own voice to affect audience. For this video, I have used voice, multiple choice and screencast video recording with multimedia learning principles. For example,  it is my first time to use my own voice as voice principle. In this video, he used modality principle as narrations to help the audience to understand how cash back credit works. I believed this multimedia learning is better than the tradition teaching style. We used H5P multiple choice questions for the video to help the students or audience could pay more attention during the video. I hope everyone can enjoy this video. 




Blog feedback of learning pods

I wonder if, in addition to your amazing post, If you could explain a little about the meaning of  signalling principle ,that would be helpful for reader to understand what signalling principle is.

  • After I read What does a Multimedia Lesson Plan bring by Leland, I agreed Leland’s point. If the educators want to get attention from the audience, they need to provide multimedia to make the lesson more interesting. Leland had done the great video with multiple choice. I believe we put multiple choice during the video that will make audience to complete the video.

I wonder if, in addition to your awesome post, if you could share your experience , that would be more interesting.

  • After I read Fl Studio Basic Tutorial by Manny, Manny did use multimedia principle with videos with sound to affect people. However, Manny just introduced what Fl Studio Basic Tutorial is which I think it is not enough.

I wonder if, in addition to your amazing post, If you could put a few images and share some story in your post, that would be great.